Roe Deer Block


The SWB Special Block is a protein-rich supplementary feed for deer, fallow deer and mouflons. It contains different kinds of cereals as well as minerals and trace elements, forming a hard block.

Sales unit

Special Block:20 kg block
Size (l/w/h):50 cm / 25 cm / 15 – 16 cm
Weight per block:20 kg


  • Providing several blocks reduces stress among the game.
  • Reduces feeding costs by up to 50 %.
  • Helps to reduce browsing damage and bark-stripping.
  • Helps to prevent rumen acidosis.
  • One supply of feed per week is sufficient.
  • Increases roughage intake.
  • The SWB Special Block is offered as an additional feed supplement only.
  • Supports rumination.


  • To accustom the game to the taste of the feed block quickly, chip off 1–2 kg of the feed block's edges when feeding for the first time, and mix with succulent feed (e.g. apple pomace, silage).
  • Do not feed any other (loose) game feed, as this would discourage the game from eating the hard block.
  • Protect the block from direct rain and sunshine.
  • SWB Special Blocks should be offered before the beginning of the snowy and cold winter time.
  • Provide one SWB Special Block per 10 animals.
  • For the development of trophies during the first shedding provide more SWB Special Blocks for a longer period of time.
  • Continue to provide blocks until the end of March/April.

Feeding device

Always observe the country-specific and/or regional hunting regulations.

When kept in enclosures, we recommend feeding the young game with the feeding blocks for the entire winter.

The animals should be offered high-quality roughage during the entire feeding period.