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As a result of the persistent acidification of the soil, naturally occurring minerals and trace elements are harder to access for plants and thus for the animals living off these plants. The animals are attracted to the salt licks by their natural salt requirements. With mineral licks, the animals can cover their mineral and trace element requirements.

Natural feed sources and a possible supplementation do not necessarily provide the game with the appropriate amount of salt and minerals, as the individual requirements of the animals vary. Wild animals in the wild and in enclosures often suffer from a lack of minerals. A lack of salt and minerals can result in weight loss and a poor reproductive performance.

Salt deficiency is indicated by licking objects or de-icing salt in the winter. The consequences of salt deficiency can be reduced appetite, loss of weight, a ragged coat, poor reproduction and reduced resilience. Salt requirements vary between animals and depend on many factors. The solution to this problem is to supply the animals with salt and minerals according to their individual nutrient requirements by providing free access to salt/mineral licks. This is what the KNZ® salt and mineral lick does. Our licks are of the highest quality. KNZ has developed a special recipe for game. This special recipe for game was designed on the basis of laboratory analyses of liver samples gained from hunted deer. The mineral and trace element deficiencies found in these liver samples were used for the development of the composition of the KNZ® mineral licks for all kinds of game. Apart from sodium chloride they also contain magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium and iron. The KNZ licks not only contribute to covering the mineral and trace element requirements, they also attract animals to the feeding places.


Our special licks for game contain pure evaporated salt as well as special trace elements that promote growth and a healthy appetite. They contain a high percentage of trace elements such as zinc, iron, copper and selenium to guarantee a well-balanced intake of nutrients. Zinc and selenium are particularly important for strong bones and a good cartilage development; in deer and elk, this becomes apparent in an optimal development of the antlers. The lick is weather resistant and has a stable form.

*The lick contains copper and is therefore not suitable for sheep.

Gebrauchsanweisung Gebrauchsanweisung

Instructions for use

The best place for a KNZ lick is in the proximity of a source of water close to a highly frequented game pass. Do not place the lick on the ground. The lick should be placed on a wooden block or tree stump approximately 1 metre above the ground. The surface should have a diameter of at least 15 cm. A stick or nail through the hole in the middle will keep the lick in place. Salt dissolving in the rain will run down the tree stump and thus can be taken in by smaller animals.

Components and additives


SalzSalt (NaCl)
Salt is a vital mineral. Animals posses an instinct for salt and only take in as much of it as they need. Salt ensures a balanced fluids metabolism and regulates the pH value. Salt plays an important role in the function of the central nervous system and for muscle contraction. Chloride is an essential part of the gastric juice, which is required for digestion. KNZ® salts support the intestinal flora and thus promote digestion.

Magnesium is a mineral that is important for a healthy central nervous system. In addition, magnesium strengthens the bones and is required for muscle build-up. It prevents muscle cramps.

Zinc plays an essential role in many body functions such as metabolic processes and wound healing as well as in the enzyme systems involved in resilience. Zinc is essential for the development of skin and bones.

Iodine is an element that must be supplied to the body as it is not synthesized by the body. It is important for the formation of thyroxine in the thyroid gland. It has a positive effect on the growth and development of adult game and their offspring.

Selenium plays an important role in fertility. As part of the enzyme responsible for anti-oxidation it protects against cell damage. Selenium prevents muscle damage and increases the effectiveness of iodine.

Iron is an integral part of the red blood cells and improves the function of organs and tissues. It plays a role in the transport of oxygen.

Animals are susceptible to copper deficiency. Copper is essential for enzyme activity, connected to the iron metabolism and plays an important role in the central nervous system. Copper is involved in bone formation.



  • The recipe of the KNZ game lick is adapted to the requirements of game (also game kept in enclosures).
  • Apart from salt, KNZ® mineral licks contain vital minerals and trace elements.
  • No artificial colours are added to the licks.
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The KNZ salt lick has successfully been used in many hunting districts in Austria. Not only roe deer but especially deer and chamois accept the mineral salt lick very well. Its very positive effect on our game has been confirmed again and again.

A key advantage of KNZ salt licks lies in its weather resistance. Even in wet weather, the KNZ salt lick will not dissolve by itself (without influence by the game). Therefore, your game will be provided with the important trace elements, salts and minerals over a significantly longer period of time.

Why not test all these benefits in your own hunting district? It is definitely worth a try.

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