SWB Wild Boar Block


The SWB Wild Boar Block is a high-quality bait feed for wild boar on the basis of cereals, minerals and herbs.

Sales unit

SWB Wild Boar Block:5 kg block or 4 x 5 kg in an outer box
Palett:50 outer boxes (200 pieces), 1 holder incl screws
Size (l/w/h):20 cm / 15 cm / 15 cm
Weight per block:5 kg


  • Attractive bait feed for all age groups.
  • Improves the regular frequenting of the bait sites.
  • Bait sites do not have to be supplied with feed every day.


  • Feed is ideally offered to the wild boar in a special holder.
  • Only to be used at baits regularly frequented by sows.
  • Please note: special holder needs to be ordered separately; please observe the assembly instructions on the internet.

Recommended use

Put the 5 kg SWB Wild Boar Block into the designated SWB Wild Boar Block holder. The stainless steel holder is screwed or fastened to a low tree trump or heavy ground plate with four screws. Thus, the SWB Wild Boar Block can only be browsed or scraped off from above, a process that requires a lot of time and effort due to the block’s hardness. As wild boars naturally do not stay in one location (bait site) for a very long time, they will return to a bait site still holding some of the SWB Wild Boar Block on the next day. That way, your bait site will be well-frequented for several days. Using the SWB Wild Boar Block is recommended for bait sites regularly frequented by wild boar.


» see Special Blocks storage

Media data

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dsc_0202_en.jpgThe Wild Boar Block is a popular attraction at the bait site; animals can only take in small amounts of the feed.
dsc_0203_en.jpgThe Wild Boar Block is an excellent bait on account of its palatability and smell!
dsc_0249_en.jpgAttach the Wild Boar Block holder to a low tree stump using the supplied screws.
dsc_0258_en.jpgFirst application of the Wild Boar Block holder with a Wild Boar Block next to the bait site.
dsc_0310_en.jpgBait site, two weeks later - the feed has been accepted very well.